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Doing Busines - Overview
Since the late 1970's, Thailand has been seen as one of the best locations for foreign investment in the South East Asian region.  It has also become a great tourist destination and a pleasant environment to live.  Thailand has :-

    A liberal democratic form of government,
    A free and professional English and Thai Language press,
    A well-established legal system based on international Civil &        Common Law principles,
    A strong cadre of entrepreneurs,
    A graceful and hospitable culture and,
    A generally bipartisan position internationally.

Thailand's economy grew rapidly in the late 1980's and early 1990's driven by large foreign capital inflows and rapidly expanding added value export markets.  In mid 1997 however, Thailand was the first of the Asian economies to be damaged, as unregulated financial institution practices and global recession combined to trigger a collapse of Thailand's currency.  With the support of the IMF and gradual structural reform, Thailand has stabilised the Baht and returned its economy to consistent modest growth.  While there is still much work to do Thailand is becoming again a place for foreign investment.